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Daykundi: Passion for Education Under Shadows of Discrimination

Photo story by Iqbal Ahmad Oruzgani
Wednesday 19 September 2012

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Iqbal Ahamd Urozgani is a civil engineering student at Kabul University. His hobbies are walking , biking ,taking photos, playing with kids and sharing and passing messages from Central Highlands Afghanistan to the world. He has taken these photos for Hazara People International Network.

Forum posts

  • Oh look at their eyes! They seem to say, whatever the odds, we shall prevail. The enthusiasm, the courage even in the face of a hostile govt in kabul which doesnt care even two hoots for this impoverished but such a beautiful place, is mind boggling. These children really are the future. May they fly to unexplored horizons of success and work towards the prosperity of Daykundi.

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