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How Afghan People Proved Why Afghanistan Got the Title The Worst place for Women and Children in The World

Zahra Ghaznawi
Saturday 28 March 2015

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The land where women are not safe whether it is home or life outside in the society, 27 years Furkhonda, was brutally murdered on the street of Kabul by aggressive mob being wrongly accused of burning of pages of holy Quran Thursday March 20, 2015. The incident shocked the whole world by the severity of the viciousness of the society on broad day light in the presence of the Kabul city policemen. The question arises what is the job of these policemen, doesn’t their job description of policemen include protection of the citizens. Unfortunately the Kabul policemen failed to protect an innocent woman framed by one the emulate seller who himself is misusing religion for profit by fooling people to pay hundreds to thousands to solve their problems. Watching the horrific clips of yesterday’s reveals moments before the victim is dragged and ran over by a car, a bunch of policemen who stood and watched as the Kabul city, the capital of Afghanistan turned into wild jungle. The victim of emulate sellers like a helpless deer was trying to save herself from hungry hyenas, but no one to help. Everyone around either ambushed her or participated taking videos and picture as if human life has no meaning in the so-called 21sth century human society. As if the men have every right to treat woman they way want. What was the most shocking was the spread of Facebook post One of those accused men who participated in the attack known as Sharaf Baghalany , who proudly announced that, “ a unreligious woman was beaten to death by religious people of Kabul because she burnt pages of holy Quran. Reading that shocking post I felt compelled to visit his Facebook and as I was reading the comments made by his friends praising him as if he conquered a divine war as if he protected holy Quran by ending an innocent life. The questionable part of the ordeal is the length of time and the proximity of the incident to the presidential palace, the central police station of Kabul. Strong and innocent Furkhunda fought for her life against a hundreds of angry mob for two hours and approximately one kilometer away from the presidential palace, but no one arrived to help her as if the whole city is involved in a set up to silent a voice who raise against traders of the religion who profit of the superstitious believes of the people or a hidden agenda with higher powers behind the scene . These amulet sellers, who are mostly are illiterate men, claim that they can cure diseases like cancer, joint pain and so on, their emulate can help people find better job, find suitors for girls and so many other powers they claim they have. According to investigations Furkhunda, who had a degree in teaching from a religion school, tried to warn people about the deceptions which has continued for centuries. Alas that caused her life in the most brutal way being accused of burning the holy of Muslims by the one the amulet sellers.

As a refugee who left Afghanistan almost two decades ago, I kept the sweet bitter memories of the childhood alive. Growing up in the same neighborhood that the horrific incident took place, often that I saw Kabul picture I felt missing Kabul and reminded me of my grandfather, who used to take me and my sister to the riverside by Shadshamera masjid, and as we played as he laid by the colorful flowers . Since the incident occurred in the same place was the scene of horrific crime against humanity , I won’t never see that place as once it was, white doves were singing by the flowing river, where children once were playing peacefully and joyfully. Now the images of Kabul center would bring the memory of innocent woman being burnt with all her dreams that perished with her, the dream of becoming a teacher and perhaps so many other dreams. Although Farkhunda will never return but Justice for Farkhunda would ease the pain and hopefully decrease violence against women in Afghanistan and the incident to some extend has opened the people’s eyes to deceptions of these religion traders and superstitions.

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