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Supporting Taliban’s Supporters, that is Why U.S. Cannot Win the War?

Kamran Mir Hazar
Tuesday 20 March 2018

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Pic: a #HazaraMother in #Daykundi, #Hazaristan is taking national #exam for university admission.
In 2016, Faruq Azam, a #Pashtun leader and a supporter of terrorist group #Taliban was standing in front of so-called president criticizing the Hazara why the rate of #university admission among them is much higher than the Pashtuns of #Kandahar. He didn’t get his answer there, but many people reacted in #socialmedia that the Hazara are not Taliban nor their supporters. The Hazara do not send their #children to #terrorist training camps. They do not grow #poppy. They want to establish their #rights by #education.
In last 15 years, the international community and the Afghan government spent billions of #dollars from the pocket of western tax payers in Pashtun populated areas to build roads, #schools, clinics, power stations and to pay Pashtuns not to grow poppy and not to join the #terroristgroups. But the result was viceversa. More Pashtuns support Taliban and more #poppyfields according to reports of organizations such as United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Taliban also destroyed many roads and schools. It is also interesting to know that according to Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), former education minister Ghulam Farooq Wardak who is also a Pashtun and a great supporter of Taliban received a huge amount of money from the U.S. Agency for International Development for non-existent schools.
The funniest part is that when we criticize this dirty #Pashtunist system, they say we are racists.
Some Afghanistan’s experts such as Barnett R. Rubin​ wonder why the U.S. cannot win the #war against #terrorism in Afghanistan. The answer is very simple. The U.S. government is supporting the Taliban’s supporters. Those experts do not want to look at the real face; this so-called country needs a fundamental change, a #federal system or even #partition.



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