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The Hazaristan Concept, Why We Want Federalism in Afghanistan?

Mohammad Amin Wahidi
Tuesday 27 August 2019

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Afghanistan is a multiethnic country composed of at least 14 or more minor or major ethnic groups out of which 4 are more populated: Hazaras, Tajiks, Uzbeks and Pashtuns.

We do not see any representation of the different ethnic groups in division of power or national resources distribution in Afghanistan while everything is in the hands of the Pashtuns.

Hazaras make up to 22-35% of the population of Afghanistan but these people do not have any access to government representation, power sharing nor national resources distribution or reconstruction funds.

Here in current Afghanistan everything is in the hand of the Pashtuns which is not fair for the other ethnic groups:

In the current Ashraf Ghani Administration:

1. President - Pashtun

2. Consultant of National Security Council - Pashtun

3. Director General of National Security - Pashtun

4. Minister of defense - Pashtun

5. Minister of finance - Pashtun

6. Minister of communication - Pashtun

7. Minister of Rural Development -Pashtun

8. Minister of agriculture - Pashtun

9. Minister of Tribal Affairs - Pashtun

10. Minister of State in Parliament Affairs - Pashtun

11. Minister of Information and culture – Pashtun

12. President of Supreme Court - Pashtun

13. The Attorney General – Pashtun

14. President of the president of the National Logistics - Pashtun

15. Director of the commission on the monitoring of the constitution - Pashtun

16. Director of Supreme Medical Council - Pashtun

17. President of the senate - Pashtun

17. President of Afghanistan Science Academy - Pashtun

18. Director of National Television - Pashtun

19. President of Afghanistan National Bank - Pashtun

20. President Pashtun bank - Pashtun

21. Director General of Natural Gas Petroleum Materials - Pashtun

22. Director of Kabul Zone Development - Pashtun

23. Chairman of the board of law and justice - p. Pashtuns

24. Chairman of cricket board - Pashtun

25. President of Olympics, Sports and Physical Trainings - Pashtun

26. Director of Statistics and Census - Pashtun

27. Director of Ariana Afghan National Airlines - Pashtun

28. Deputy Director General of Costume Duties of Afghanistan- Pashtun

29. President of the Electoral Commission- Pashtun

30. President of Afghan National Bank – Pashtun

31. First Deputy Minister of Defence - Pashtun

32. Deputy of Logistics in Ministry of Defence - Pashtun

33. Commander of the Comando Corps of the Army - Pashtun

34. Commander of Shanin Corps of Army- Pashtun

35. Commander of Maiwand Corps of Army - Pashtun

36. Commander of Atal Corps of Army - Pashtun

37. Commander of Thunder Corps of Army - Pashtun

38. Commander of Seelab Corps of Army Pashtun

39. Commander of Borders Defence - Pashtun

40 Head of HR and Recruiting of Ministry of Defence - Pashtun

41. Head of Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Defence - Pashtun

42. Head of Public Relations and Spokesman of the ministry of defence - Pashtun

43. First Deputy Minister of Interior - Pashtun

44. Senior Deputy Minister of Interior on Security Affairs - Pashtun

45. Deputy of Senior Deputy Minister Interior - Pashtun

46. Deputy Minister of Interior for Logistics - Pashtun

47. Deputy Minister of Interior for Public Protection - Pashtun

48. Administrative Deputy Minister of Interior - Pashtun

49. Recruitment and HR of the Ministry of Interior - Pashtun

50. General Director of Intelligence in Ministry of Interior - Pashtun

51. General Commander of order and security of the ministry of interior - Pashtun

52. Director General of Logistics in Ministry of Interior - Pashtun

53. Director General of Establishments and Buildings Department of Interior Ministry -Pashtun

54. President of the Ministry of Interior - Pashtun

55. Director of Finance ministry of interior - Pashtun

56. Political Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs - Pashtun

57. Economic Deputy Minister Foreign Affairs - Pashtun

58. Head of Administration of Foreign Affairs Ministry - Pashtun

60. President of Protocols in Foreign Affairs Ministry – Pashtun

61. Director of Diplomacy Institute of Foreign Affairs Ministry - Pashtun

62. Director of Security Cooperation in Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Pashtun

63. President of the Parliament Affairs of Foreign Affairs Ministry - Pashtun

64. President of the 5th Political Department of Foreign Affairs Ministry - Pashtun

65. President of the 2nd Political Department of Foreign Affairs Ministry - Pashtun

66. Head of the 1st Political Department of Foreign Affairs Ministry - Pashtun

67. President of the United Nations Affairs in Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Pashtun

68. President of Regional Cooperation in MoFA- Pashtun

69. President of Provincial Representation in MoFA - Pashtun

70. Afghan Ambassador in the united states - Pashtun

71. Ambassador of Afghanistan in Canada - Pashtun

72. Afghan Ambassador in Germany - Pashtun

73. Afghan Ambassador in the Russian Federation - Pashtun

74. Ambassador of Afghanistan in Afghanistan - Pashtun

75. Ambassador of Afghanistan to Republic the people of China - Pashtun

76. Ambassador of Afghanistan in Pakistan - Pashtun

77. Afghan Ambassador in Japan - Pashtun

78. Afghan Ambassador in India - Pashtun

79. Ambassador of Afghanistan in Italy - Pashtun

80. Ambassador of Afghanistan Norway - Pashtun

81. Afghan Ambassador in Jordan - Pashtun

82. Afghan Ambassador in France - Pashtun

83. Afghan Ambassador in Doha Qatar - Pashtun

84. Afghan Ambassador in Saudi Arabia - Pashtun

85. Ambassador of Afghanistan in Belgium - Pashtun

86. Ambassador of Afghanistan in South Korea - Pashtun

87. General Consul of Afghanistan in Dubai - Pashtun

88. General Consul of Afghanistan in Peshawar - Pashtun

89. General Consul of Afghanistan in Karachi - Pashtun

90. General Consul in Quetta – Pakistan- Pashtun

91. General Consul of Afghanistan in Bonn Germany - Pashtun

92. General Consul of Afghanistan in the Marry of Turkmenistan - pashtun

93. General Consul of Afghanistan in Istanbul Turkey - Pashtun

94. General Consul of Afghanistan in New York - Pashtun

95. Head of Local Organizations Department in the Arg-Palace- Pashtun

96. Financial Deputy of the Local Organizations Department - Pashtun

97. Head of Anti Corruption Organization - Pashtun

98. Governor of Kandahar-Pashtun

99. Governor of Nangarhạr-Pashtun

100. Governor of Ghazni-Pashtun

101. Governor of Khost-Pashtun

102. Governor of Paktia-Pashtun

103. Governor of Paktika-Pashtun

104. Governor of Kunduz-Pashtun

105. Governor of Baghlan-Pashtun

106. Governor of Kunar-Pashtun

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