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Just marriages, television and other evils facing Afghanistan

An argument against music, rape laws, educating women, and Western culture
Thursday 23 April 2009

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Kabulpress received this article in the mail. We do not publish it to support its ideas, but as an instructive example of those who dispense, as fact, nonsensical self-serving information. It is followed by frightened, gullible persons who do not want to think, who take joy forcing their views on others with violence and malice. They are the people who whip, water-board, threaten, and murder for political or religious causes.

I wanted to argue against Music. Music causes exaggerated emotions in human beings and this is not good for children. Music in Afghanistan should be banned from children. Music causes a distraction and does prevents children from concentrating on their homework. You must ban Music for children as quickly as possible to save as many children as possible from becoming addicted to music. Music also harms adults but not listening to music is something an adult will have to decided on their own after understanding the damages that music causes the human mind.

I wanted to argue against the rape laws in Afghanistan. The rape laws in Afghanistan are not fair or equal. The laws only recognize men as rapist and that is not the truth. Women also rape men and the law has to recognize this truth. The laws in Afghanistan should say that "a man is guilty of raping a woman’s sex organ and a woman is also guilty of raping a man’s sex organ". Rape should not apply to a marriage in Afghanistan because married people have agreed to have sex with each other when they get married. A woman can demand sex from her husband and a husband can demand sex from his wife at any time during the marriage.

Girls in Afganistan should be allowed to go to school but only for medicine, and science. Girls should be banned from taking law, politics, and business. Boys should be allowed to take medicine, science, law, politics and business. It is true that an educated female is arrogant and this breaks up marriage and family. Without marriage and family then the population in Afghanistan will become small and human beings will commit themselves to self-genocide in Afganistan. For those men who attack small girls with acid, I would tell them, first pour acid on your own bodies before you have the right to pour acid on the bodies of small, innocent helpless children.

Afghan men should not envy European culture because all the women in Europe are whores filled with dangerous illness. If an Afghan man traveled to Europe to find a woman he will find it difficult because European women are arrogant with men because they have had over 2 thousand male lovers and over 400 female lovers. European women are so bored with having so much sex that they would ignore the advancements of an Afghan man. An Afghan man would have to spend over 34 years trying to find a woman for marriage in Europe. This same break down of European society can occur in Afghanistan if rules are not made to keep men and women pure before marriage.

— David Ochoa

Forum posts

  • The person who wrote that article is ignorant. The things that you mentioned in the article are not the problems Afghanistan is facing. The real problem that Afghanistan is facing is people yourself who is very narrow minded and does not understand the problems and need some education.

    The reason that that Afghanistan is backward is lack of education. They have so much hate against the advanced countries which stops from thinking like normal person.

  • I actually thought this article was a joke. I cannot think that anybody wrote it to express his earnest opinion.

  • I looked down to see the name of the person who wrote this. I thought it must have been the view of an afghan, then I looked down and saw the name, David Ochoa. This is not the name of an afghan. If you are not an afghan then what gives you the right to lecture us on music. We already have the talibans telling us not to listen to music. lol But if you are afghan, then come up with ur own real name when u write article , dont hide under another name.

    thank you

  • Kabulpress should not even post such silly, ignorant, stupid article full of mistakes, and bad words (example: ’whores’). Seems like it has been written by an Afghan immature, illiterate male, who might have heard of stories how hard to get women in Europe. Well, maybe you should go shower first, and take care of your hygiene, or maybe you should look in the mirror first. Thinking all European women of being ’w-s’ - is a stupid thinking. More dirt is going on here, it is just underground, and people hide it well.

    Music inspires people, and does not have any harmful influence. The person who wrote it might be from remote village in AFghanistan, and only thing he loves to listen to is the donkey singing in his back yard.

  • mr — David Ochoa !

    if your are a christian go to deep deep of your religion , special VATICAN where thousand of nun and other young and beautiful boys are RAP nightly by FATHERS and go to those christian country who man and man or GAY marriage are legal it means not only the rap each other even they rap Jesus mom and he is all family who give up there life for your kind of idiot nation . second . go and writ this kind of article to same SAUDI ARABIA magazine or news paper who each ARAB have one wife in home and one Pakistani or Indian husband in in the day in there work place . about equality right of women and man in case of rap . have to say to your that women in all religion are disrespected and counted as shame full product of God . like in SAMA religion women are equal to CAMEL even in same justice department of Arab world women are Les then a camel . by the way the culture and life discipline of afghan are different then Arab or an Yonki American . afghan are teach world how to be civilize and brave human .

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