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دو زن: ننگرهار و کابل

عکس از فرشته دنيا و يو. ان. اچ .سی. آر
چهار شنبه 30 جولای 2008

زمان خواندن: (تعداد واژه ها: )

يک زن در ولايت ننگرهار در حال کشيدن آب از چاه

به هفتصد تن خانواده برگشت کرده که در دشت مهترلام ولايت لغمان زندگی ميکنند، از جانب کميشنری سازمان ملل برای پناهندگان و صندوق وجهی سازمان ملل برای کودکان، آب آشاميدنی و حفظ الصحه فراهم خواهد شد.

Photo by UNHCR

A woman drawing water from a well in Nangarhar province

700 returnee families settled in the Mehterlam desert will be provided with safe drinking water and sanitation by UNHCR and UNICEF.

يک زن در دريای کابل در حال شستن لباس

Photo by Freshta Dunya

A woman washes clothes in the Kabul River.



  • What can we expect then, Unjustified power distribution among their own allies in present government has resulted more than that. Thanks to allah that they are not bombard. Every day small kids, women, girls and you boys are slagutered by either by so called taliban who got the dictation from ISI, China and Iran or the NATO forces who claims their presence for bringing peace and prosperity to the Afghan people. I would say that they are lucky to have the chance to wash their cloth in the dirty water of Kabul darya. If it was Helmand they would have been bombard for the reason that they
    were washing the Taliban clothes. and what is the purpose. you just wana say that why the drinking water facility is provided to refugees in laghman but not in Kabul. Shukar Khudaya ke Masoole UNHCR doese not belong to afghanistan other wise the right of dringking water would also have been snatched. In Kabul Minister for water and energy is Mr. Ismail Khan he should show his ability now to provide safe drinking water to Kabul people. He is not Pashtoon why then he is not able even to fullfill his promises made when he was becoming minister. Raham ba hale ma.Sargand UK

  • تا وقتي ديدن اين عكسها براي ما عادي است كه رئيس جمهوري مثل حامد كرزي و امثالش را داشته باشيم و عكاسي همانند شما.

  • واقعآ شرایط درست صحی درکشور معیا نمیباشدازمقامات ذیصلاح احترامانه خواهشمندیم تادرحصه توجه شان رامبذول فرمایند.

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