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Khalilzad, Ahmadzai, Karzai and Imran Khan Misuse Power to Empower Pashtunism

Kabul Press - News
Sunday 8 September 2019

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Kabul Press?: Zalmay Khalilzad has a long history in supporting the Taliban. He used to write articles in American newspapers telling that Islamic Emirate of Pashtun Taliban can be another friend of the United States like Saudi Arabia. Hamid Karzai used to call Mullah Omar as his dear brother, and he gave millions of dollars to the Taliban and released thousands of them who were captured by security forces. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai is another Taliban’s supporter, responsible for the release of thousands of captured Taliban, and tried his best to whitelist them. Imran Khan proudly supports Taliban, and when came in power, attacks on Taliban in Pakistan reduced.
All four share common ethnic affiliation and believe it is the right of Pashtuns to rule over non-Pashtuns. All of them have government power from so-called Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States. Believing in the Taliban as an unofficial military arm of Pashtuns, they have a significant role in misleading the international community in the fight against terrorism. So far, Pashtunism has also given birth to terrorist groups such as the Taliban, the Kochi Taliban, and the Afghani version of Daesh. As a result, Afghanistan and Pakistan are the most corrupted countries with hundreds of thousands of civilians killed, injured or displaced.
Recent tweets of President Donald Trump have disrupted calculations, and now they are trying to recalculate things.
On the other hand, many non-Pashtuns are tired of over a century systematic war and seek the solution in power separation through a federal system or partition.

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