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Will the So-Called Country Afghanistan Reach to Prosperity With the Pashtuns?

Shamsuddin Mohammadi
Tuesday 19 May 2020

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This is the question that comes to my mind every day. Thereupon I read the contemporary history of Afghanistan, where power has been held by Pashtuns for about three centuries. Pashtun leaders have repeatedly sought to Pashtunize the country (Khorasan). For example, the fertile-lands of the Hazaras in Helmand and Kandahar and other places seized and they faced forced migration! The Hazaras refuge to mountainous central areas.

As the power was constantly in the hands of Pashtuns, wealth and resources have always been given to the Pashtun areas. No resources or facilities have been provided in Hazara areas. As of now, if anyone takes a short trip to all over Kabul, will clearly see how deprived the Hazara areas are of government and national resources. The Hazaras always face prejudices and discriminations even till now!

Five Hazara Burned Alive by Pashtun Taliban
Qyāq Valley of Ghazni, Hazaristan
May 17, 2020

The type of system structure was changed from kingdom to absolute centralized presidency. That is, the president of the country takes all decisions alone. Because it has always been Pashtun’s presidency(as if it is copyright), and national resources and national wealth have always been to the Pashtuns. If the change in the system brought up in the agenda, the Pashtun elites have immediately opposed it.

The genocide of the Hazaras during the reign of Abdul Rahman Khan, the enslavement and sale of Hazara women and men in the markets are clear hostility of Pashtuns. According to historians, more than 62 percent of the Hazara population was massacred by Abdul Rahman Khan’s army, and a large part of the Hazara community forcibly migrated to Iran, Pakistan, and other countries. The mass killings of Hazaras are still continuing. The usurpation of fertile-lands in the north of the country and the transfer of Pashtuns in those areas occurred during the reign of King Zahir Shah. The country was officially renamed to Afghanistan by Ahmad Shah Abdali. The Kabuli rupee converted into Afghani and the Persian texts from banknotes removed and instead of that Pashto was written. The National Anthem is Pashto. Respectively, there are dozens of other examples of Pashtunization have taken place in the country of so-called Afghanistan. And so far it has continued.

Genocide and Slavery by Afghan/Pashtuns
Hawke’s Bay Herald, Volume XXVIII, Issue 9508, 20 October 1893, Page 2

The only ethnic group that commits suicide attacks is the Pashtuns. The enslavement and sale of women among the Pashtun people are still common. Poppy cultivation and all kinds of drugs are promoted and produced among Pashtun farmers. The production of opium and trafficking of various hashish among Pashtuns is a common practice. Weapons are bought and sold as market goods among Pashtuns. Terrorists such as Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS and others are growing among Pashtuns. The beds for any kind of terrorist ideology are thoroughly available within Pashtuns in all courses of times.

Buddhas of Bamyan, Hazaristan

Ancient monuments, historical buildings are destroyed by the Pashtuns. Asphalt roads are being destroyed by Pashtuns. The bridges are blown up by Pashtun. Schools are burned and blown up by Pashtuns. Obviously, every day the Pashtun -Taliban blast infrastructures throughout the country. Doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers and other welfare service providers are being killed by Pashtuns. Farmlands and vineyards are set on fire and destroyed. Girls and women are barred from going to schools and universities. Women are barred from going to offices. More than half of the population of Afghanistan are women; pushed to be passive and become housewives by Pashtuns.

The most recent case of anti-human and inhuman crime carried out by Pashtun-Taliban in a maternity hospital at the West of Kabul, where the residents are all Hazara. Many lives lost, including 20 mothers and many new-born babies were killed or wounded in the attack after minutes or hours of born. Such a brutal action can be expected only from Pashtun- Taliban in the twenty-one century!

I remember The Taliban slogan of 1998, when they were ruling over more than 95 percent of the territory of the country, is still resonant in my ears that they told that Afghanistan belongs to Pashtuns and saying that; Tajiks should go to Tajikistan, Uzbeks to Uzbekistan and the Hazaras to the cemetery.

Unlike Pashtuns, other ethnic groups in Afghanistan, especially the Hazaras, they do not close their doors of schools. They allow their daughters and wives to study, teach and work in the offices. Hazaras do not cultivate poppies. They do not produce or smuggle drugs. Hazara has not yet committed any suicide attack. Although the way is not that much paved for Hazara people in all courses of history of a so-called country Afghanistan, still Hazaras has kept the doors of schools opened and allow their sons and daughters to study and have made a good contribution to the construction, welfare and prosperity of their country. If the Hazaras sometimes took up arms, it was only for self-defense. There was no any sort of aggression on others or any attack carried out by Hazaras.

In Bamiyan province, where the absolute majority is Hazara, there is no attacks, explosions or suicide bombing. All service centres are operating normally. The residents are living with harmony and peacefully with other minorities and the same thing happening in Panjshir province, where the majority of residents are Tajik!

Betrayal, lies, crime, murder, beheading, captivity, cultivation and trafficking of opium and all sort of hashish, extortion, robbery, explosions and suicides attacks, arms sales all belong to the Pashtuns.

What will be the impact of all these ugly Pashtun acts on Pashtun children? The result is clear, a so-called country Afghanistan will never be reached to prosperity with this analysis. The situation is getting worse and worse day by day.

So, eventually, what is the solution?

Firstly, as soon as possible, the United States to annul the peace deal with the Taliban. Ground and airstrikes to be commenced on Taliban terrorists throughout the country as of the only potential solution.

Secondly, the disintegration of Afghanistan into federalism can be the solution in the longer term. To survive the terrorists, this evil and this murderous ethnic group and the enemy of the welfare and prosperity of the people of Afghanistan and finally the enemy of world and humanity.

The way is always paved among Pashtuns for the nesting and growing of global terrorists such as al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Haqqani network and etc. This is the Pashtuns who providing shelters for terrorists. Cultivation of poppy, smuggling and drug production, which is endangering the world. Migration, genocide, child murder, infanticide, women murder, and other forms of crimes in order to have peaceful and stable Afghanistan and must be stopped within Pashtuns that are also for the benefit of the world community’s security and safety.

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